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If you're a fan of the 80s, then you should check out the latest podcasts, albums and other media related to this decade. I've discovered some great new favourites as well as some classics that are sure to bring back memories of the 1980s.
Dreamkid's debut album is a remarkable blend of the past and present. Packed with intense 80s-inspired thumping tunes and heartbreakingly beautiful songs, this album will take you on an emotional journey that you won't soon forget.
Angel Olsen's new album is a unique fusion of 80s classics and modern-day sensibilities. Her timeless renditions of 'Eyes Without a Face' and Gloria' add an edge to the era, creating an airy yet electrifying atmosphere that will take you straight back to the Stranger Things realm.
Simply Eighties is an amazing website for anyone who loves the 80s! Whether you're looking for fun facts about the decade, music, movies, and fashion trends, Simply Eighties has everything you need. Relive the nostalgia with their unique content and join a community of other 80s fanatics.
Living in the 80s is an exciting podcast hosted by Rob Faught and friends. Listen as they take you on a journey back to the United States of America in the 1980s, where you'll enjoy stories, music, and laughter from one of the most iconic decades in recent history. Join Rob and his friends for a unique look at an era that changed our lives forever.
Retro Recipes is an amazing YouTube show that takes a nostalgic look at 80s tech. From the Commodore 64 to the classic VHS camcorder, the show goes back in time to bring viewers fascinating glimpses of tech from days gone by. Join us for a fun trip into nostalgia.
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